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Phase 2(Team Practices Only) Safety Requirements

From : WYBB Board of Directors

To: WYBB Community Parents, Players

Re: Massachusetts Phase 2 Reopening Safety Requirements


As we enter Phase 2 of the Covid-19 reopening process in Watertown Massachusetts, the following will be required to be able to participate in any WYBB event during Phase 2. 


  • To participate or attend, all persons should ensure that participants, volunteers, coaches and spectators show no signs or symptoms of COVID-19 for 14 days.


  • If any individual develops symptoms of COVID-19 during the activity, they should promptly inform the Coach and must be removed from the activity and instructed to return home.  


  • Participants, organizers, spectators, volunteers and facility employees in high risk categories should not participate or attend organized sport activities


  • All players should arrive dressed for practice and leave immediately after practice: no recreational play or loitering is allowed on the field WYBB has a permit for use on. Players completing practice should not stay to watch other practices before or after their practice session.


  • Spectators must be limited to ensure social distancing on the sidelines or other observation areas. Spectators should be limited to one adult chaperone per athlete. Spectators will wait outside the field until practice is completed. This area that WYBB has a permit for will be clearly marked off. All spectators must wear face coverings.


  • Players must maintain 6 feet of distance at all times and there should be no contact between players. Coaches will limit players to individual skill work, and drills.


  • Scrimmages, organized games and tournaments are not allowed for contact sports in Phase II. Baseball is considered a contact sport.


  • Athletes will not be allowed to give high fives, fist bumps or other social contact during practice.


  • Coaches must be responsible for maintaining social distance among players, coaches, staff, and spectators. Coaches/Volunteers will help their own child maintain distance before and after practice. Coaches must wear face coverings


  • Participants and coaches must be kept in the same small group (cohorts) with dedicated coaches or other staff. Coaches will separate participants into groups of no more than 12, including coaches and staff. This will be told to parents and players before they show up to the field. Once at the field the players will go to a designated spot on the field for their cohort.


  • Players will minimize sharing of other equipment that is not worn, and clean and disinfect all those shared non worn equipment at the end of each practice session


  • Players will use their own personal equipment if not provided by the organizer. Personal equipment may not be shared and must be dedicated to an individual player throughout the season. Personal equipment includes all gear that is worn by players (e.g., gloves, helmets, masks, skates, footwear, pads, catchers gear, etc.).  


  • No shared food or drink may be provided during any activities for participants or spectators (e.g., concession stands or team snacks). No use of public water bubblers, fountains or bottle fillers if present on site. Participants and spectators should only drink from their own containers. WYBB will provide players a dedicated water bottle if they do not have their own.


  • Players and coaches must achieve proper hand hygiene at the beginning and end of all activities, either through handwashing with soap and water or by using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer 60%


  • Face Coverings: 

    • Participants may remove face coverings while participating in practice and drills, provided they are able to maintain at least 6 feet of distance from all other persons present.


  • Face coverings should otherwise be worn by coaches, volunteers, other staff, officials, youth chaperones, and spectators in accordance with MA guidelines to prevent against the transmission of COVID-19 throughout the duration of the activity.

  • Face Covering must be worn at all times per the order of the Town of Watertown.


  • WYBB will hold a video meeting with all parents, coaches and volunteers to make sure they understand these requirements for each phase.

by posted 06/26/2020
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