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You must pay by Credit Card after you have completed the online registration. If you do not pay at the end, the registration will be deleted! Contact the league President or Treasurer if you need to pay by check or cash.

 Watertown Youth Baseball, Girls Softball & Challenger offers both softball for girls and baseball for girls and boys who reside in Watertown, Massachusetts.


WYBB Also offers multiple seasons for our kids to play. Spring, Summer and Fall. Softball will also offer a Winter in-door season. While Baseball and softball will offer winter clinics. 

Only Parents or Legal guardians can enter information for this program. You will need to register each of your children in one of the following divisions:


Softball - coach pitch, 10U, 12U,14U

Baseball (Little League International ) - Tee Ball (4/5 year olds & First time 6yr olds), Rookies (6/7/8 yr olds),

                                                             Minors (8*, 9-11 yr olds), Majors (10-12 yr olds)


Baseball (Babe Ruth) - 13-15 yr olds


Baseball (Challenger) - Special Needs 8 thru 21 yr old

Please see the individual registration for all information for each level and if there is a tryout requirement

If you do not have a child in the program, but would like to volunteer, please contact the President of the league.

2019 Fall Baseball TeeBall

2019 Fall Tee Ball

Fall Tee Ball is for boys and girls born between 9/1/2013 – 8/31/2015 (2019 league ages 4 and 5). We will meet Thursday evenings at 5:30 for six weeks from 9/12 through 10/17* with 10/24 as a rain date if we need to cancel one day due to rain. The players will participate in practice sessions and games designed to build a foundation for basic skills, sportsmanship, and an appreciation for the game of baseball.


Registration for Fall Tee Ball is $40. This program is being offered on a limited basis to the first 40 paid registrations. Sign up early to reserve your spot.


*Note: Dates and time subject to change weekly based on weather and field availability.



See you on the field!


Base Cost: $40.00

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 09/01/2013 and 08/31/2016

39 registrations 5 open positions.  

2019 Fall Baseball Travel Rookies

2019�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½Fall Baseball Travel Rookies�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½


1. �¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½Open to 6,�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½7 & 8 year olds that played in the Rookies division during the 2019�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½spring season. First 12�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½players to register and pay. After the first 12�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½players there will be a wait list until there is enough to make another team.

2.�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½ Games Sundays for 6 weeks.�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½Most likely in the morning (10 or 11 AM) but this is subject to change due to other towns.

3.�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½ Three outs or 9 batters per innings maximum.

4.�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½ No score is kept

5.�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½ No umpires; base coaches make calls on the field (err on the side of the runner)

6. �¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½Modified player pitching:

�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½ - Players pitch and get 4 pitches per batter, no balls and strikes

�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½ - If batter has not hit the ball in 4 pitches, batting team coach pitches.�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½ Batter gets 3 swings, otherwise it�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½is an out.�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½ If the batter hits a foul ball after 2 swings, he gets another chance.

�¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½¿½ - Pitchers can pitch in front of the rubber, but no closer than the front of the mound.


Kids get to pitch, but the game moves along since the coach pitches after 4 pitches.


Cost $50

Base Cost: $50.00

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 09/01/2010 and 08/31/2013

22 registrations 1 open positions.  

2019 Fall Baseball Travel Minors

2019 Fall Baseball Travel Minors


Anyone that played on the Spring 2019 Minors ages 8-11 yrs old. 

First 13 players that register and pay for this level. After the first 13 there will be a wait list until there is enough players for a second team.


Games are played on Sundays starting the week after Labor Day for 8 weeks. Game times are usually around 10 or 11 am but depending on the other towns in the league could be 3pm.


Cost $85





Base Cost: $85.00

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 09/01/2007 and 08/31/2011

NOTE: This program is currently only accepting waitlisted registrations. Register for the current waitlist by clicking the Join Waitlist button below.

2019 Fall Softball 8U

8U Fall Softball


Skills and Drills on Tuesdays. Games on Thursdays.




Lowell Field


Starts Tuesday Sept 10th runs for 6weeks.


Cost $50

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 01/01/2011 and 12/31/2014

2019 Volunteers

Please use this links below to print out the 2019�¿½Returning or New Volunteer Form and send it to the League President,

Bill Furtado

115�¿½Westminster Ave.

Watertown Ma 02472


Or email it to him at



Volunteer Form




Opened: 10/01/2018
Closes: 09/30/2019

Open to: Boys & Girls
born between: 09/01/1919 and 08/31/2017